Ah, conspiracies. Funny how that word has become one of the latest derogatory tools used by the Obama acolytes to metaphorically club anyone who opposes Obama. Take a principled stance against all that Obama and his campaign represent and be prepared to be accused of being a “tin foil” wearing conspiracy loon.

The truth is, conspiracies come in all sizes and shapes. Some conspiracies are well thought out . . . others, I submit, evolve and grow out of circumstances, timing, luck, happenstance. Do I believe there is/was an Obama Conspiracy? Yes, I do, but not the traditional plot one usually thinks of or reads about in novels.

When Obama began his run for the presidency, I’m not sure he thought he would actually capture the nomination. Hillary was the strongest of the Democratic contenders with more experience and street creds than BHO. When things began to change, particularly after the South Carolina primary, I think a loose confederation of conspirators began to assemble. I’m betting they didn’t think of themselves as conspirators while they schemed and plotted. After the Obama camp played the race card on the Clinton’s and it looked like Obama was going to take the black vote from Hillary, I think this loose confederation of Clinton haters (too strong a word?) got together and decided Obama was a better bet than Hillary.

Once the race card was hurled at the unsuspecting Clinton’s and their game was compromised, it became easier and easier for former Clinton supporters to jump ship. Some, like Bill Richardson, were always weasels. Others, like Dee Dee Myers were a surprise. The Clinton’s former press secretary was nothing more than weasel waste. Who knew? There were others like the Kennedy’s who also did a 180 degree turn on Bill and Hillary and never looked back.

Once the rats began jumping ship, I believe at some point the majority knew Obama had Constitutional eligibility problems and didn’t care. You cannot tell me that this group, of (supposedly) savvy political pros, many who hold law degrees themselves, were completely unaware of the fraud Obama was perpetrating on the voters of this country. They looked the other way because not being defeated by the Republicans was all they cared about . . . that and not risking having another Clinton White House with the possible dredging up of past Clinton sins the MSM would have another swing at. Why risk hearing and wincing about impeachment, or the Rose Law Firm, or Whitewater yet again?

So, Barack was born a British citizen, or Kenyon, or whatever . . . right? So what! Who, pray tell, will know the difference? Besides, who but a handful of scholars and lawyers actually knows what Article II Section 1 specifies? Why risk more Clinton controversy and scandal? Why, indeed.

Ironic, don’t you think . . . not wanting to risk more controversy. Obama hasn’t been officially declared President Elect by the Electoral College, the inauguration is weeks away and there are multiple lawsuits in 17 states & front of the Supreme Court questioning Obama’s eligibility to hold the office. Last week, another bomb shell. We have the selling of Obama’s Senate seat by Governor Blagojevich. Now we are asked to believe that Obama had no knowledge that the Chicago politician he supported for numerous years was engaged in this practice. Remember when Reagan was called the Teflon President? Obama has him beaten by a mile. As usual, the MSM is nowhere to be found. Still looking to find more incriminating Palin dirt, I suppose.

When one steps back and tries to put the election of 2008 into some kind of perspective, it is hard not be saddened and sobered by the spectacle of hosts politicians, voters, and the media stepping outside of reality, trashing our Republic . . . all for the sake of one man. They have put him ahead of everything we are supposed to hold dear. They have put him ahead of truth, of honesty,of common sense.

A few weeks ago I heard Zbigniew Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, say that Obama was our universal hope! As those words spilled out of Brzezinski’s mouth, I thought, “have you lost you friggin mind?” Brzezinski talked about Obama with the kind of glowing terms usually reserved for one’s savior , not a slick politician. Such is the madness surrounding the candidacy and nomination of Obama to the office of POTUS .

There is no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is gifted . . . some would say charmed, but he is but a mere mortal of a man . . . in some ways a blank slate upon which millions have projected their hopes and dreams.

As the myth of the man has been separated by the reality of his actions and the betrayals of our political system by Team Obama, Howard Dean & the DNC, and Senators like Claire McCaskill and a legion of others, a group a patriot bloggers have stood fast trying to preserve our Constitution.

We are from varied political backgrounds, having supported different candidates and philosophies in the past, we are united in our passion to hold Obama accountable! This passion is not born out of hatred for the man as many in the media and elsewhere would have you believe. My guess is that many supported Obama for a time, but simply couldn’t swill down enough Kool-Aid to look past the deception and dishonesty of his campaign.

We live in a world of “sound byte politics” with an entire generation under 30 that thinks in that superficial manner. There are no deliberative politics shown to this group of voters. All they know is the sound of another condescending quip, like “birthers” . . . the newly minted descriptor used for the patriot bloggers who have repeatedly pressed for Obama to present the credentials necessary to prove his eligibility to hold the office of POTUS as detailed in Article II Section 1 of the Constitution.

To those who accuse us of hating Obama, of wearing tin foil on our heads, of creating controversy and conspiracies where none exist, here is the point you are missing. We are fighting the good fight because of principles, because our “most perfect union”, our Republic is and must remain greater than any one man.

When Obama’s reign is over (assuming he is inaugurated & places his hand on the Bible as he swears to uphold the Constitution) what will we be left with? We must fight to make the those people we have entrusted to make the laws also follow the laws! No one is entitled to ignore any law because of convenience or because they disagree with it. That’s the point!

The Framers of our Constitution fought and thought long and hard about the nature and structure of our country. Those who have chosen to side-step this great document upon which our country and our liberties are built . . . you should be ashamed of yourselves.



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  1. I guess I disagree with the idea that so many people jumped ship from the Clintons to Obama because he was not a citizen, (assuming that was your point).

    If you notice, a vast amount of the people who went for Obama were LOSERS. Seriously. Look at how many Presidential candidate LOSERS are on the list that went against Hillary Clinton. It’s something like 10!

    They were all paid or promised something. It might be a column on Huffington Post, it might be chance to be on television on MSNBC or CNN, or an article in Time or Newsweek promoting their next book or future plans.

    That is where all that money came in. You pay your stall and tell them, “get me two big names to go for Obama, and don’t tell me how you do it”.

    Now you say the same thing to 25 of your staffers, and suddenly within a few months, there are 50 big names going for your guy.

    The FBI did Barack Obama a favor by cutting off the investigation too soon.

  2. Photo Jeff

    Someone should remind Hillary that she too has drank the koolaid – unless – of course, you think Hillary’s working for a man whom she considers constitutionally questionable. As to Blago – what part of Fitzy’s staement clearing Obama did you miss? You claim you’re concerned about America – but you’re lying. You’re just angry that you lost…

  3. Alessandro’

    “I guess I disagree with the idea that so many people jumped ship from the Clintons to Obama because he was not a citizen, (assuming that was your point).”

    No, that wasn’t the point. The people who jumped ship did so because it was convenient. Once they jumped, they ignored his citizenship problems.

    BTW, I did notice the number of losers on the list. You are quite right.

  4. Jeff:

    Give me a break . . . this is about adhering to the Constitution, not whether Hillary won or lost.

    BTW, you are correct about one point. When Hillary began backing BHO, she compromised her principles. No doubt there was a deal made, why else do you think she’s going to be Secretary of State?

  5. Photo Jeff

    “Give me a break . . . this is about adhering to the Constitution, not whether Hillary won or lost.”

    Adhereing to the constitution means working through the courts up to the Supremes – if they pass on it, that’s the rule of law. What part about that don’t you get? On the one hand, we have a group of whiners claiming that they just want to adhere to the constitution – yet when they courts fail to give them what they want, they then claim the Supremes are in on all this as well – not only undermining confidence in our highest court, but disproving your own case…

    if rule of law is what you’re interested in, be happy – the court has refused the maddness of political operatives and opponents…

  6. Ted

    SCOTUS has now prevented itself from acknowledging the question whether Obama is or is not a “natural born citizen” (as distinguished from “citizen”) three times and counting: First before the Nov 4 general election and twice before the Dec 15 vote of the College of Electors. Other cases on the same question are at, or are heading to, SCOTUS. Whether SCOTUS ultimately decides if Obama is or is not a “natural born citizen” only after the Electors vote, only after Congress acts on the Electors’ vote, prior to Obama’s inauguration, or only after Obama’s inauguration, SCOTUS will have to decide — or the people and/or the military will. The issue no longer is Obama. The issue is SCOTUS.

  7. Citizen Cane

    Ted, are you really hoping for a military coup? Now, that’s one step further from a “sore loserism”.

    For the last time: Black’s Law Dictionary – cited as a legal authority in many Supreme Court cases – clarifies that terms “natural-born citizen” and “citizens at birth” have identical meaning:

    “Native: A natural-born subject or citizen; a citizen at birth; one who owes his domicile or citizenship to the fact of his birth within the country referred to.”,

    Now check what U.S. Code, Title 8, Section 1401 says about “citizens at birth”, please:

    “The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:
    (a) a person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof;”

    Besides, haven’t you figured out who Leo Donofrio’s really is?

  8. Project Openletter

    The entertainment value of this blog goes up with every post. I wonder what the author and it’s regular readers are making out of mashed potatoes? Bwahhhhh hhhhhaaaaa!

    You people need to get over it.

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