Most of us have long since given up asking where the MSM is when it comes to Obama, but what is their excuse for not reporting this story? They are probably too busy figuring out what they intend to wear at all the Obama inaugural parties. What’s the MSM’s excuse for not reporting about the Federal Reserve giving away trillions of dollars and doing so in secrecy?

Congress, (see list at end of post) voting against the will of the people, approves $770 billion for a Wall Street rescue plan and there’s plenty in the news, but the Fed is handing out trillions of our tax dollars and coverage is almost non-existent.

I caught the tail end of ABC’s 20/20 on Friday when consumer reporter John Stossel reported on the Fed’s secret give aways at the end of the program.

Give Me a Break – The Government Bailout

It’s bad enough that politicians are giving out billions of your tax dollars to banks that made bad decisions — thereby rewarding failure — and encouraging yet more failure. But now it’s worse: the Fed has put $5 trillion of your dollars at risk, quietly guaranteeing loans to banks. The Fed won’t name most of the banks, saying that disclosure might create a panic. The government also will not reveal what collateral they got in return for giving banks your money. Basically, a handful of politicians have unlimited discretion over trillions of your dollars. John Stossel says ”Give Me a Break.”

This is story being reported around the edges and, as usual, on blogs on the Internet. Why? Why isn’t anyone following the money?

According to an original post by Mike Adams at Natural News and also here on Sodahead:

In 1942, German intelligence officers rounded up skilled Jewish prisoners and launched Operation Bernhardt, a clever scheme designed to counterfeit hundreds of millions of dollars worth of British Pounds and destroy the British economy by flooding it with counterfeit money. Located in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Operation Bernhardt was, even by modern standards, a runaway success that resulted in the creation of forged bank notes worth 132 million British Pounds.


It is important to note that Operation Bernhardt was an act of war, specifically pursued for the purpose of destroying Britain’s economy by creating so much new money that the value of the money already in circulation would plummet.


Today, the Federal Reserve is engaged in an eerily similar operation, counterfeiting trillions of dollars in U.S. bank notes and flooding the U.S. money supply with money created from nothing. The result, of course, is the same as was intended by Operation Bernhardt in 1942: The economic destruction of the target nation. Only this time, the target is the United States of America.

Don’t know much about the Federal Reserve? The following videos should provide you with some basic understanding. The videos are a little dry and dated, but the information is of value.

As you watch this first video, here’s a tid bit of interesting information about Dr. Quigley who is mentioned in the video.

“Tragedy and Hope” by Dr. Carroll Quigley ISBN 0913022-14-4 Dr. Carroll Quigley is best known as Bill Clinton’s professor of history at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University. He also taught at Princeton and at Harvard

The following video also mentions the CRF, or Council on Foreign Relations. Their recent membership list is provided without comment. The complete list was unavailable. Apparently some members do not wish for their affiliation to be known.

Remember my initial question about the MSM, why aren’t they reporting the news that impacts on our lives? Here’s a possible answer.

For those who want to jump ugly, all I’m doing is asking the questions . . . something the MSM used to do!



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  1. bob thompson

    Easy – they are in court trying to force the fed to release the info.

    What you should be asking is why George Bush hasn’t signed an executive order forcing the release of this info.

  2. When you go to get a mortgage they will take you through the last five years of your life with a fine tooth comb. They will ask you why you bounced a check, why a payment was late, where you received the lump sum money and where it went after that. When the tax payers involuntarily agreed to the $700 billion dollar bailout they were taken to the cleaners… Most don’t know that in the original $350. billion (loan) to the banks that there were hardly any provisions as to how they were going to spend it. The tax payers would not have agreed to giving money so the execs could go to the spa or let more people steal more identities from their account holders like in the below blogs. Bank of America one of the top two banks for identity theft. In the next one that is being wrestled with now the “Auto Bailout” there is a hidden raise for federal judges that was stuck in the fine print… I think we need to start fresh before they do any more damage without us agreeing or even knowing what we agreed to do…? Give me your thoughts

  3. sportsone234


    You said,”there is a hidden raise for federal judges that was stuck in the fine print…” Please explain, a few more details, if you have them.

    As to my thoughts . . . for weeks I’ve had a sick feeling that the country is being robbed blind and that forces that appear to be unaccountable are dividing up the country . . . leaving scraps for the rest of us.

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