This is a blog about politics, respect for all female candidates, common sense, the Constitution, how the MSM continues to fail us, moderation in all things, business issues and the economy, health issues & the environment.

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14 responses to “ABOUT

  1. sportsone234

    This is a blog in search of intelligent discourse, common sense, & objectivity.

  2. Greg Proops

    Keep fighting!

    My wife and I are Hillcats.

    Big Love


  3. Michael Eden

    I have to admit it, I’m probably closer to being “extremist” on the conservative side in my blog at http://startthinkingright.wordpress.com, but I TRY to be willing to moderate myself when I’m talking to a moderate.

    The passing of Tony Snow today makes me rethink my “warrior” mentality. Tony Snow – even though a true conservative – somehow had the knack to be a true human being at the same time.

    I’m still searching for the balance that he – and the recently passed Tim Russert – epitomized. America will come to miss both men greatly.

  4. sportsone234


    I came away with several great comments from the fabulous HBO series John Adams.

    From John Adams,”Facts are stubborn things.” And the other is Ben Franklin saying, “I am an extreme moderate.”

    I think that the Franklin statement best describes my positions. You fit right in with Ben and me. Hey, maybe that’s the name of another blog! Just joking.

    Bill Clinton was taken to task for his ability to triangulate. Years later some of his harshest critics have come to admire that ability and said not only was Bill’s ability to triangulate “good politics, but good public policy, as well.” WE ARE IN NEED OF A LEADER THAT CAN BRING US GOOD PUBLIC POLICY!

    Compare that with Obama. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting whiplash from all his changed positions. Really, does the man stand for . . . anything????

    Thanks for visiting. I’ve added your site to my blog roll. This country needs more people with common sense, even conservatives! 🙂

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  6. Skip

    Censorship and self posting under fake names.

    What a nazi cunt you are.

  7. sportsone234


    Your comment speaks volumes about you, your candidate, and his campaign . . . none of it is admirable. If fact, it is to be pitied.

  8. Nick


    I happened to stumble to your site and was just browsing around. I must say, it is amazing to see certain people get so violent, whether by the stroke of the keyboard or otherwise, because of an election.

    I think we ALL need to come together and realize the fact that it’s ok to disagree on issues or ideologies. People shouldn’t be called racists for disagreeing with Senator Obama. It is a historic event that he was selected as the Democratic nominee for President. But that also encompasses people that support him to not become vile or violent in their actions.

    Other than that, I believe it will be a close race.
    I would like for you to check out my site as well when you get the chance, spartantruth.org.

    It is non partisan and free to join. Please pass the word to everyone. Thank you!

  9. sportsone234


    Thank you for your courteous comment, unlike Skip the “brain fried Obamabot” of a few days ago.

    I visited you site . . . I’m not entirely sure of its main focus, but I’m happy to add to my blogroll where I welcome a diversity of opinions.

    Just curious, what are your thoughts concerning the “Obama Truth Squads” in Missouri?

  10. Larry Noble

    This is quite interesting reading. thanks for the intelligent site, minus the vulagarity of some.

  11. Wes

    Hmm, For Hillary but now defending Palin?

    My original preference was for Obama but if Hillary would have won I would have supported her because both had the core beliefs that I have.

    I call it as I see it. All you seem to want is a Woman in the White House. Who cares what her values or ideas are.

    That is the definition of Sexism.

  12. sportsone234


    Come on now, you don’t really believe what you parroted, do you? You are right, she’s not Hillary . . . a real loss for this country, but I’ll take a McCain/Palin ticket over Obama the Impostor any day.

    My support for Palin is based on her core beliefs . . . her pro-life position is reasonable . . . she supports contraception, she’s a business woman … knows what it like to worry about meeting a payroll . . . she’s tough as nails . . . so many reasons to support her and not a one is just because she’s a woman.

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  14. I love your site. Keep it up !

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