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There’s always someone lurking in the bushes, as it were, waiting to be “Oh ffended”  … waiting to pounce!

We have sunk to a new low in sniveling Political Correctness.  Yes boys ‘n girls our ubiquitous Chia pets cannot mingle one with the other because the new Obama Chia pet is racist!  SAY WHAT? What lunatic hospital let these people out?  Can you people get a life?


Walgreens has removed a Barack Obama version of the Chia Pet from its stores.

The Deerfield-headquartered drugstore chain made the move Friday after getting a few complaints about the item since the product”s April 1 launch, a spokeswoman said.

Chia founder Joseph Pedott — a Chicago native whose San Francisco-based Joseph Enterprises provides local jobs for the disabled — said he was inspired to create the Obama head as a show of patriotism

Maybe its just me, but I didn’t find the Obama Chia offensive.  After all haven’t most of us received  one of these little critters at least once in out lives?  Usually you could tell it was from someone who decided to go to a drugstore for a last minute gift (under $10 bucks)  and saw the Chia displays at the checkout counter.

Personally in my humble opinion,  if the manufacturers had come out with one of those wall mounted singing fishes, put an afro on it, and called it an Obama Singing Bass . . . that might have been what?  Funny, perhaps?

At least the White House didn’t put out a press release condemning the the newest addition to American kitsch.  AND blessedly, Joe Biden did not regale us with  his story about how Chia Pet people came to him with an idea for a Biden Buffoon Chia and he said, “look behind you Mr. President no one is following.”  Opps,  looks like Joe got his stories mixed up, again.

chia-pet-mailboxThanks to Racquel who inserted this picture of a racist mailbox in her comment at Sodahead.

For more funny pictures go to here and visit.


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If you read this blog on a regular basis you know I am a political moderate, Hillary & Bill supporter, past Democrat now independent and a PUMA and proud of it.

I’m one of those white, college educated women so (newly) prized by the Donna Brazille, Howard Dean, Obama team … I’m one of the women who saw Hillary decimated by the new dirty Democratic Party who threw off the yoke of their stupidity and insane desire to win regardless of the cost of integrity, decency, and honor.

So, why quote Ann Coulter? She’s never been a friend of the Clinton’s (understatement!) or democrats or moderates, for that matter. It always seemed to me her position on everything was rigid and neo-con or else!

My opinion of her started to change last year when she along with a long list of conservatives, including FOX News defended Don Imus. Then in March, when the MSM was dumping on Hillary, Coulter was using terms like “our plucky girl Hillary” and it was clear even if she didn’t support Hillary’s politics she was in support for fair and decent treatment . . . neither of which Hillary received from most of the MSM and her own party.

Which brings me to today and a recent column of Coulter’s on John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin. There’s a deliciously snarky comment about the idiot Olbermann, Chris (who me a misogynist?) Matthews, and MSNBC. Please read it, it’s good stuff!

As for Michelle Malkin, who’d of thunk it? Hot Air, a Malkin site, is on my blogroll! On any given day, people like myself are sure to find a few points they agree with in her posts.

Who knows if I’ll still feel this way after John McCain and Sarah Palin are elected in November, but for now this seems like a good truce!

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Here we go again.

Barack gives us another demonstration of his “situational ethics.” Roughly translated, situational ethics, as practiced by Barack, mean change whatever way the wind blows. Maybe we should call Barack “weather vane” Obama.

Last April Don Imus made a dumb 20 second comment, “nappy headed hos” and Barack declared, “off with his head!” Bernie Mac gives an entire comic routine that diminishes women and intentionally refers to them as hos.And what is Weather Vane’s response?

Surprise, surprise, not a damn thing of import! You were expecting more? Not me, the real surprise would have been Obama had treated Mac the same way he treated Imus. At least Obama could have pretended to mount the same level of synthetic outrage against Mac as Imus.

But no; Mac does an entire routine in front of an audience, and ole Weather Vane doesn’t have the cajones to put a stop to it.

By SusanUnPC on July 12, 2008 at 11:06 AM in Barack Obama, Sexism

UPDATE: As makes clear, Daily Kos and other “progressive” blogs are ignoring this story. And, although Obama wanted Don Imus fired for referring to a woman as a “ho,” Obama’s prescription for Mac was, “I’m just kidding with you, man.” Obama told the crowd last night:

“… Bernie you got to clean up your act. This is a family affair… I’m just messing with you,” he said.

obama-mac.jpgOriginal: What is astonishing about this report from Obama’s $2,300-per-person fundraiser in Chicago last night — we know he’s desperate for donations — is not just the crude “ho” joke that comedian Bernie Mac told (described below). It’s not just that, when he took the stage, Obama thanked “my great friend, one of the kings of comedy, Bernie Mac,” later offering only the most tepid, perfunctory criticism. One of the shockers is that the media reported, but failed to point out, the outright sexism in these comments from Mac’s routine:

“Having a black first lady is different: You’re still going have to do the dishes and the laundry and all that . . . you got to pick up the kids,” Mac said. “‘You didn’t pick up the kids?’ ‘I just came from Korea, talking about nuclear weapons.’ ‘You were on Air Force One and you couldn’t stop to pick up the kids?’” The balance of this cam be read at NO QUARTER

I don’t about anyone else, but I’m tiring of hearing what a terrific politician Obama is; he’s not!

A savvy politician would have understood Mac was out of line. A savvy politician would have attempted to repair the damage immediately. A savvy politician would have understood you don’t charge people $2,300.00 a plate to sit and be insulted and then expect their loyalty and their votes.

Geezse, gimme a break, will ya! And while we’re at it, how long before this clown is off the world stage? Obama, not Mac, that is.


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What do yellow jacket stings have to do with politics, HRC, Obama, Imus, etc.?

Not a darn thing, but I was severely stung by them on Friday and I feel compelled to relay the experience to anyone that can hear me. Every once in a while, there is something that happens in life that is more important than politics and the Election.

Passing on this information that could save a life . . . yours, or someone you know OR LOVE.

Now that I’ve got your attention, here goes . . .

Friday evening I was stung twice by yellow jackets and suffered a very severe reaction. The paramedics had to called. Luckily someone was with me when this happened because I was incapable of calling 911 myself. When I collapsed , I thought it was “curtains” for a time there.

One way I have been coping with the enormity of this was thinking about those old Columbo TV shows (Agatha Christie novels or Poirot mystery stories) where people meet their demise in odd ways. You see the bee enter the room and you already know someone’s going to be a goner.

There is nothing funny about yellow jacket stings. According to info on the Web, 100 people will die from insect stings this year and you only need to stung once to suffer ill effects! Each sting should be taken seriously. That doesn’t mean panicking every time. It does mean, staying calm and knowing how to respond to the situation.

People need to know how serious bee/yellow jacket stings can be. Once a person has been stung these critters have a tendency to sting you again . I can attest to that, having been stung 10 or 12 times over the years. Each time my reaction to the stings has become more severe.

BTW, bees and yellow jackets are not the same. Bees will generally not attack first. Also, the earth is losing its bee population and that’s important to know because without bees growing food becomes tenuous. We need helpful bees to pollinate our crops etc.

Ten days ago I stung one evening. I thought it was a fluke, but when I was attacked, again, on Friday night I knew something was dreadfully wrong.

Turns out there was a nest of the suckers in my back yard, and as I found out these guys are very aggressive . . . and aggressive just for the hell of it. They will attack for no reason. Apparently, I was too near their nest. BTW, yellow jackets make their nests in the ground near tree roots, which I didn’t know until the exterminator told me . They can also build their nests in lawns, under pine straw, in the ground etc.

Stings can be deadly if people don’t know how to react after being stung. For starters, many people get stung and never suffer any consequences, but for those who do, its important to remember to call 911 if there is any indication of a bad reaction. Don’t even consider driving to the hospital there may not be enough time. This cannot be emphasized enough.

From the time I was stung until the first wave of dizziness, nausea, loss of control of my body functions (yes loss of bodily functions, I won’t go into detail) was probably less than 5 or 6 minutes. I completely collapsed. Some people go into shock, suffer rapid pulse, and cannot breathe. The paramedics were great. When 911 knew they were responding to a bee sting and my condition, they were here FAST!

The reason I’m going into such detail is because I feel like this is an urgent message I have get out to other people and quickly. It’s like the Universe is telling me to, “move on this pronto! Somebody out there needs to know this.” And, so I am.

It bears repeating, if stung, get ice on the affected area right away to try to control the swelling, put Caladryl or other antiseptic on the sting. It wouldn’t hurt to have Benadryl in the house or liquid dye-free allergy medication in the house at all times. This can be purchased at CVS etc. and is faster acting than the pills. Both are antihistamines that will help with the after effects of the sting . . . burning, itching, etc.

If the person stung starts to get hives or begins to have difficulty breathing, stay calm, and call 911.


There’s PS on this. Swelling, itching, etc. can get really bad for some people. Soaking the affected area (s) in Epsom salts will help. It may require a visit to your physician who may prescribe steroids and other meds to help make your life bearable.

Because my reaction was so severe, I will need to keep an EpiPen with me at all times when there is a chance of being stung . . . like all summer! The EpiPen is a pre-measured shot of epinephrine that is used to prevent a person from going into anaphylactic shock. You need a prescription from a doctor to get an EpiPen.

If you want to read more about yellow jackets, there’s a terrific article by the Ohio State University here. The article contains additional information that you should find to be very helpful.


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They say evil is as evil does . . . and so it goes with the latest Imus “controversy”.

In truth this is another example of the kind of dimwitted media fabrication that continues to pollute the airwaves and suck up oxygen that belongs to stories with real merit. The creatures that develop and feed on this kind of trash journalism” have nothing better to do with their time than to criticize books they’re never read, shows/movies they’ve never seen, and comments made by a radio personality whose show they never listen to or know anything about.

I am a long time Imus fan and I happened to have heard both “controversial” comments made by Imus. When he uttered the infamous “nappy headed hoes” comment in April 2007 my reaction was,” I wish he hadn’t said that.” Yesterday was different.

I heard the exchange between Imus and Warner and (like anyone who has been listening to the new format and the show since Imus’ return) I immediately knew what he was referring to . . . and it wasn’t the guy got arrested because he was black. He was talking about racial profiling . . . DWB or driving while black being a real good example. Only a fool would miss this or someone with too much time on their hands! Imagine my shock to find a media uproar about Imus’ observations on Tuesday. My initial reaction was, “give me a break and grow up!!!!!!”

This isn’t about Imus this is about the media continued exploitation of the race issue . . . re-wrapping the topic and shoving more “newsless news” down our throats; trying to drive ratings on the backs of the American people. Has there ever been a group more reprehensible than this group of media morons?

The truth is that since Imus’ return to broadcasting, no one . . . no one has done more to discuss race relations in a open and honest way. I challenge you to find single show or network that has done more. In fact, I challenge you to find a single program on race relations that has been produced by MSNBC, CNN, and the like.

To the fools who continue to comment without having listened to his show since his return, had you listened you’d have found the show has a black producer and two cast members who are black. There have been discussions with Dick Gregory, Sista Patterson, Debra Dickerson, and a host of others whose points of view are rarely (if ever) represented by the MSM.

Like I said, grow up and get a life.

Here’s a postscript. After all this blog is mostly about politics. Know how Obama behaved when Imus made his “nappy headed hoes” comment and the contrast with Rev. Wright? Hmmm?

This one is just for good measure. In case anyone forget, the Imus’ show is part politics, part foolishness, part comedy, as DL understood.


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Obama’s Pastor Wright . . . Right ’bout One Thing

Life is full of lessons, like the ones we have been witnessing since hearing the vitriolic words from Pastor Wright’s sermons . . . sermons based on hate instead of hope.

Obama gave his grand speech on race relations yesterday, another speech that contained lofty words. Yes, the country needs to have a real dialog on race relations, but it won’t come from the national media or cable networks, the guys who don’t want context, only conflict.

If the grand speech was supposed to “do it” and we are all supposed to forget what we heard and saw in the Wright videos, it doesn’t work that way. For starters, had the speech been given a year ago, when Obama had declared his candidacy, that would have been brave, indeed, but he didn’t. If he had, I’d be blogging for him instead of Hillary, but he didn’t.

Obama gave the “grand speech” yesterday because he no choice. Barack tried ignoring the real problem of Pastor Wright’s inflammatory sermons. This wasn’t an impossible situation. Candor on Obama’s part would have made it a controllable situation. One thing experience teaches you is that problems like Pastor Wright’s sermons don’t go away by themselves. Lack of candor was exacerbated by lack of courage or foresight or both. Obama was forced to defend a man whose words are indefensible . . . ah, yes Barack’s situational ethics demonstrated yet again!

Here’s the bottom line. The speech changes nothing for the multitude of people who have been offended . . . white, black, and brown, Republicans, Democrats, and independents. We all heard Wright’s comments including, “God damn America!”

One of my favorite Wright diatribes is “Hillary ain’t never been called no nigger.” True, and I venture to say that Obama and Pastor Wright “ain’t never been called no cunt either!” Both are ugly words for “isms” that are alive and well in this country. There is, however, a difference between the “isms”; sexism is tolerated to greater degree than racism.

Let me give one tiny example of how we tolerate sexism in this country and in this political race on a daily basis. There’s a company that sells Hillary nutcrackers on the Internet. Yes, you can take a pecan or walnut and place it between the legs of metal implement with Hillary’s face on it and crack the nuts open. Funny you say, because we all know what a “ball buster” Hillary is, right. Just a little joke, right?

Well, let’s see, would you feel the same way if Barack’s face was on the nutcracker? And, while we are at it why not “super size” the nutcracker because we all know how big black men are supposed to be, right? Not so funny now, is it?

There isn’t a woman in this world who hasn’t experienced sexism in her life, who doesn’t guard (in her deepest recesses) against being raped or who hasn’t been groped by some idiot because he thought he was entitled to cop a feel “just because.” Some of us experience it to greater and lesser degrees than others, but we all experience sexism. There are women of color and women from other cultures who are demeaned and diminished in ways I will never experience first hand but will completely understand as another sister.

If one listens to FOX, Obama’s speech is not going to change much. If you listen to MSNBC, Obama gave the greatest speech since Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The FOX network is probably closer to the pulse of the electorate than the MSNBC, with the possible exception of Joe Scarborough. Obama may win the DP nomination, but he will not win the presidency against McCain. Why? The Wright videos won’t just fade away; they’ll be the Republican gift that keeps on giving.

Know what else? If there’s one thing Republicans and conservatives hate more than people who don’t practice sex their way, “God’s way” . . . it’s people they believe don’t love America . . . all of America, its imperfections and all. Michelle, are you listening? That includes you too.

To the Democratic Super delegates, are you listening? Ya know all those white votes Obama collected in the fly over red states. You can forget them in a general election. Conservatives and Reagan Democrats have long memories. If Obama is the one that goes up against McCain, he’s toast.

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