Deficits as far as the eye can see. TARP money for big banks so they can get it into the hands of small business.  Any of that money hit your business yet?  Didn’t think so!

The focus here is on small business owners, regardless of gender. We have to stick together and support each other, because it is clear the government is not going to help us. We keep hearing how small business is the engine that drives the economy, but I see little that the government does that genuinely helps small business owners. But hey, we certainly make good campaign rhetoric, don’t we?

Try getting loan that is $30,000.00 or less and see how welcomed you are by most banks.  The truth is, most of the banks don’t want to be bothered with small business. For some businesses, having ready access to a loan or a revolving line of credit between $10 and $30,000 can make the difference between surviving to fight another day, or not.

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  2. sportsone234

    I can be reached at

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