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How does one defend the indefensible . . . oh, say like warrentless wiretapping?   Attack the messenger and forget the message, that’s how.

John, Obama Sheeple,  doesn’t like my use of the word “faux” when describing President Obama. I used it in yesterday’s post . . . OLBERMANN CRITICIZES FAUX PRESIDENT OBAMA – HELL FREEZES OVER!!!

Guess that’s a bigger issue for him than the fact that the Obama “Justice” Department is intent on taking a position on wiretapping that is more radical than Bush 43’s position! If you liked Bush 43’s position on this, you’ll love Obama’s stance.

I have rules for posting a comments here; rules that include attack the problem/issue being discussed not the writer or administrator of this blog.  Apparently John didn’t read those rules.  I have intentionally left his comment up this morning because nothing could be a clearer demonstration of the Obama lock-step mindset that plagues us.

That’s why it is a topic worthy of a post.  Here’s John’s response to the Obama ‘s decision to break another campaign promise to fight to restore civil liberties and privacy:

“Faux President”? Obama wasn’t elected president by an overwhelming majority of American voters?

Using the word ‘Faux’ (as in ‘Faux News’ to mock Fox News, where you mindlessly picked this up), means that “it is NOT in reality”. Being elected president by the overwhelming majority of American voters makes you the actual president (unlike Bush who lost in 2000, and unlike Hillary who lost in the primaries).

Reality’s apparently something you despise. And your being a sexist twit only makes your situation more pathetic and “faux reality”.

So says, John, Obama Sheeple.  Hmmm, I’m a sexist (that’s a new one… must have gotten tired of using the racist card) living in faux reality where Obama was elected by the “overwhelming” majority of voters.

John, Obama has trashed the Constitution.  He is a faux president until such time as he produced the documents that prove once and for all that he is a natural born citizen,  eligile to hold the office of president, as required by the Constitution.   You remember the Constitution, don’t you?

BTW, you’d make a good storm trooper for Obama Truth Squads.    You remember those, don’t you? Obama used them to defeat Hillary “fair & square” …. not!  Governor Matt Blunt said of Truth Squads:

“What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system (surprise, surprise, surprise, she said) and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment.

This abuse of the law for intimidation insults the most sacred principles and ideals of Jefferson. I can think of nothing more offensive to Jefferson’s   thinking than using the power   of  the state to deprive Americans of their civil rights.

John, “snap out it!”



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Just how many times are we to give Obama the benefit of the doubt? Looks like the “lipstick flap” shows us once again, how the Dem’s and Barack’s campaign just don’t get it.

Remember when Barack called that female reporter, Sweetie? Or, how ’bout  when . . . he wasn’t really “flipping off” Hillary Clinton, he was just brushing off criticism?

And now, we have the old “lipstick on a pig” routine.

I must confess I have used this saying in a post before. I first heard Ann Richards, when she was running against George Bush for Governor of Texas, make it a part of her speech. The difference is, when she said it, it was funny and her opponent had no connection or reference point to the word that people could connect.

Don’t tell me yet another lame attempt at humor by Barack wasn’t somehow planned or part of his consciousness. Remember his dumb comment about Hillary going duck hunting with a six shooter? That wasn’t funny either.

I’ve said this before. if you are going to use humor as a weapon against your opponent, you’d better have a deft hand. So tell me again, Sarah was put on the GOP ticket just because she’s a woman. Looks to me Barack just got sliced and diced!

Maybe that’s what they mean by field dressing in Alaska. Barack, pucker up, baby . . . the GOP and women across America want to give you a big SMOOCH!

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Please Vote! What If It Were Sarah Palin vs. Hillary Clinton?

OK time to have some fun tonight. Let’s play “What If?”

What if:

  • The Democrats had been smart enough to put Hillary on the ticket?
  • What if John McCain turns out to be a one term president?

The truth is, for the first time in the history of our country, there is a possibility that two strong, intelligent, & experienced woman could run for President.

Both women have strengths and weaknesses. Both women have many supporters, are well liked by many in the country, and face problems head on with common sense.

I’d have a tough time with this one. Who would you vote for?

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Well, not just because it’s poor form and bad taste and you should know better. And not because it lacks class and makes you no better than the Obamabots who will boo anything Republican, or conservative, or moderate, or anything not Obama.

The next time Sarah mentions Hillary’s name or Geraldine Ferraro’s name embrace them. There will be a great many men and women who supported Hillary and the Democratic party that will be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket because they are placing the country ahead of the party they supported for years.

Embrace the new people entering into GOP tent, even if it is for only one election. We’re the people that will make a difference in this election. The GOP’s new leader, John McCain understands this.

Follow his lead. “Country before party” is a welcome mat and a statement that we need to elect the people best suited to lead us into the future. Don’t get caught, off message!

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Clinton, Obama working out deal for roll call vote

Monday, August 25, 2008 6:09:10 PM

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are working on a deal to give her some votes in the roll call for the Democratic presidential nomination, but quickly end the divided balloting in unanimous consent for Obama. Democratic officials involved in the negotiations said Monday the idea is that at the start of the state-by-state vote for the presidential nomination Wednesday night, delegates would cast their votes for Clinton or Obama. But the voting would be cut off after a couple of states, the officials said, perhaps ending with New York, when Clinton herself would call for unanimous backing for Obama from the convention floor.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity while the deal was being finalized. DOES ANYONE BELIEVE IF THE SITUATION WERE REVERSED THAT OBAMA WOULD STAND FOR A LIMITED ROLL CALL? No, me neither?

This is yet another of example of “patting Hillary on the head and asking her to be a good girl!” The real reason Obama’s camp is trying to limit or eliminate the roll call is because they know that Hillary’s delegates, if given an honest opportunity, would vote for her and not for him.

Had the MSM reported this race honestly this could have been an exciting and historic convention. It won’t be because the truth is that neither candidate had enough votes to win the Democratic Party’s nomination going into the convention. Imagine how exciting the convention could have been had this process been handled honestly instead of mangled by the DNC and the list of villains I’ve mentioned numerous times.

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Here are the facts.

The Democratic Party selected a candidate ill prepared to meet the challenges the next president will have to face. In the process, the DNC, the MSM, and a host of others ticked off, pissed off, offended, and took 18,000,000 suporters of Hillary Clinton for granted.

They waved the red abortion flag and snidely told themselves, and others “where else are “they” going to go” never once believing that people would choose to vote principle over party! The concept of putting the country before any political party being either arcane, unheard of, or absent from their makeup.

Now, here we are the day of the DNC’s big convention in Denver and Barack Obama, Mr. Berlin, Mr. “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for” is in a dead heat with John McCain 47% to 47%. You can hear it in the background, “OMG. OMG, how can this be possible?” IT MUST BE HILLARY’S FAULT, OR BILL’S, OR ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES!

A look at this video will tell you why so many women voters will never vote the OBiden ticket under any circumstances.

Clever, don’t ya think? Oh ya, just the way to make sure the 27% (up from 19% last month) of Hillary supporters who have told the pollsters they intend to vote for McCain in November will  go up another 10 points!

DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!!! This video should be entitled, “How to give red meat to the PUMA’s.”

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Well it seems the man who has built his campaign on “change”, the man who is so “against politics as usual”, the man who won’t take money from oil companies as he bragged in one of his campaign ads (which BTW, had been outlawed for years) has, in reality, become the master of re-defining the words “sleazy politician”.

Mr. Squeaky Clean, who “won’t take no PAC money, momma”, has no problem paying the DNC Superdelegates for their votes. Yes, boys ‘n girls we have the real reason Barack Obama is the DNC’s presumptive selective nominee. And all the time I thought it was the Kool Aid.

Silly girl, Barack’s a sleezoid in the mold of that famous Philadelphia Congressman that was convicted of taking bribes years ago, the one who uttered those immortal words, “Money talks and bullshit walks!”

Barack’s been a busy boy. His campaign’s PAC. Hope Fund (don’t you just love the sound of that name Hope Fund, and the choir sang Amen!) having contributed $710,900.00 to Superdelegates by March 28, 2008 . . . and amount that was more than three times as much as HillPAC. ($236,100).

What’s that you say? Candidates have PAC committee’s? Yup, and its legal and they get to “donate” money from their PAC committees to “help” other candidates out. This is from the wonderful post found on NoQuarter yesterday and written by DR. Lynette Long:

Politicians collect money for their campaigns but most Americans don’t realize that politicians collect a separate a pot of money called a Leadership Political Action Committee or PAC. These PACs are used to hire additional staff and pay for additional perks such as limos and first class flights. But one of the major reasons for these PACs is to donate to the campaigns of other candidates. Nancy Pelosi’s PAC is called PAC to the Future, Barack Obama’s PAC is called Hope Fund, and Hillary Clinton’s PAC is called HillPAC. Money was distributed by these PACs to the superdelegates to influence their voting. The Federal Elections Commission requires scrupulous reporting of how PAC money is obtained and how it is spent. This data can be retrieved at www.opensecrets.org.

Quoting from further down in the post:

After reviewing state and congressional voting records as well as PAC donations, members of Congress were identified that fulfilled the following four criteria: 1. These members endorsed Barack Obama. 2. The constituents of their state preferred Hillary Clinton. 3. The constituents of their district preferred Hillary Clinton. 4. They got more PAC money from Hope Fund than from HillPAC. These senators are Jeff Bingaman, Frank Lautenberg, and Jay Rockefeller. The members of the house are Jason Altmire, Dennis Cardoza, Jim Costa, Joe Donelly, Gabrielle Giffords, Baron Hill, Ron Klein, Patrick Murphy, Gerald Mc Nerney, Carol She-Porter, Zack Space, Niki Tsongas, and Charlie Wilson.

This chart demonstrates (more clearly than anything I could state) what’s really ailing this country and its politicians today. I don’t care if you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or any shade or combination of these, this should make you mad!

These Superdelegates are slime, in my book, and should be ashamed of themselves. If buying votes this way isn’t against the law, it should be. Richardson was accused of being a Judas when he jumped Hillary’s ship and decided to support Obama, even though Hillary had more votes than Obama in his state of New Mexico. Looks like we’ve got more Judas’ this year than you can shake a stick at.

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