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OK, where was I? Oh ya, I had just been handed my head, figuratively speaking of course, by the site administrator over at Free Republic for a still undisclosed and unknown reason.


"Off with her head!", the Red Queen said.

What was really weird was I had just posted an update on Obama, martial law, and Blackwater. How could my “offense” have anything to do with that? Hmmm, not likely. Could it be my last post of a few days earlier, on my other blog, Say No to Plastic and entitled, Memo to Megyn Kelly – Using Plastic Bags is So Yesterday? If that was the reason, that would also be weird for two reasons.

One, I’ve posted on concerns about our thoughtless use of all forms of plastic before on Free Republic without suffering any consequences. While most did not agree with me, some did. I didn’t expect complete agreement. One knows in advance that people preaching about global warming, for example, are not welcomed there. I’ve tried to be respectful and mindful of that . . . never vilifying the plastic industry.

Besides we can’t all agree with each other all the time; Kool-Aid Kids and Obama bots do that . . . not adults. Aren’t Freepers and Puma’s against lock-step thought and absolute adherence to every point of view held by their leaders? I thought so.

Two, if the Megyn Kelly post was the offense, why take this action now? The post had already been up for days.

So what happened? I still don’t know. What I do know is this. This action by the administrator at Free Republic is emblematic, symptomatic of what has happened to Americans in our country. We just don’t listen to each other any more. Most of the time, we don’t have the courtesy to give the other side an opportunity to talk and present their side of an issue. Sad. We spend more time looking for bad guys than we spend on looking for good ideas. The former is a waste of time . . . the latter is productive.

That is too bad, because we are all diminished when, with “knee jerk reactions”, we close our ears and our minds to those holding opposing opinions. Holding onto strident positions without considering, even momentarily, that there is another legitimate point of view weakens us.

Let me give you two small examples of personal changes I have made.

For years I have been against drilling in ANWR and building new nuclear plants. While I remain a Hillary supporter, once it was clear Obama was going to be selected to run for POTUS by the Dems, I became a McCain/Palin supporter believing that putting country ahead of party was the only thing to do.

I thought Palin was a brilliant pick by McCain . . . still do . . . and if the Republican Party wants to resurrect itself, it needs more common sense people like Palin. Anyone think if Palin was Governor of California that the State would have the deficits that have been allowed to grow under Schwarzenegger? No, of course, not. Ah, but I digress.

When Sarah was campaigning I heard her discussions about ANWR. Who better to discuss the issue than the Governor of Alaska. Not surprisingly, her observations of the importance of ANWR and its environmental impact were markedly different from what is generally portrayed in the MSM.

I also listened to McCain discussing nuclear power and remembered living through Three Mile Island when I lived in Pennsylvania. I still remember radio station KYW’s updates. We were told that there was a real possibility that we were going to have to evacuate; the fear was thick, palpable. I remember asking myself, if there’s only a half hour to decide what to keep and what to leave behind (forever?) what my choices would be.

I listened to McCain’s point about accident free power on subs and throughout the country; not a single accident in 20 years. Even after having lived through the Three Mile Island fear, I changed my position. Times change, the economy changes, what is necessary to continue to foster growth and greatness changes. We need to look at ourselves and ask if we are holding on to positions that no longer make any sense.

Right now the State of California has the resources and ability to run budget surpluses and get out of debt. Want to know how? Start opening the off shore oil leases. Start pumping the oil. In a barely reported story, FOX detailed how California and the country could profit. Instead, lacking the political will to do what makes sense and is for the common good, the “Governator” would rather take money from the “stimulus” bill . . . would rather have tax payers from Georgia and across the country foot their largess!

So what’s the moral to this? Well, for starters, any site/blog administrator can choose to do what they want, but I would suggest there was a better way to handle this.

I’ve deleted a hand full of comments over the last year . . . maybe six or seven. I’ve also left repugnant comments when I felt the comments were a true reflection of the person making them. In one case I was called a Nazi ”C” word . . . no not that “C” word . . . Conservative . . . the four letter one that begins with “C” and rhymes with runt.

I have a page called “Deleted” that gives the posting guidelines here. The first guideline is not to attack me personally. Attack the problem or topic of the post. This blog is supposed to be place for intelligent discourse, after all.

Let me point out, yet again, that no group has a monopoly on common sense, good ideas, or ideas for moving this country forward. More than ever before, we need to be talking to each other and listening . . . listening . . . even if the topic being discussed is one we do not agree with.

BTW, I checked my emails again this morning. Still no response to query. Think I’ll ever here back?

{{Sound of crickets}} Bueller? Bueller? Hello . . . is anyone there?



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A few days ago I posted this under the title Can One be PUMA and a Freeper at the Same Time. Yesterday I realized that what I am discussing is much larger than a site administrator suddenly revoking someone’s posting privileges without any notice and completely out of the blue or my bruised feelings about the unjust accusation. Hence the title change.

This is really about us. All of us . . . closing ourselves off into little groups, hurling accusations, like spit balls, at people and ideas we don’t agree with. As you read this. Ask yourself how many ideas you are really giving a fair voice to?

For months, the answer to that question has been yes, as it relates to me. That all ended two days ago, when my posting privileges at Free Republic (where Freepers come from if you don’t know) were suspended for being a troll. A troll! AN OBAMA TROLL? WHAT KIND OF TROLL?

Need I say that I was stunned? Anyone that continues to visit this site knows my positions on faux President Obama and his ineligibility of hold the office of POTUS, the new age phony Democrats, my support of Sarah Palin, and host of other topics that continue to plague this country. Taking about plagues, we can put Princess Pelosi, Haughty Reed, Piggy Schumer, and Barfy Frank in that class. Scratch the word “class” none of these people have any class . . . replace that with cabal.

For those who have never heard of Free Republic, it is a conservative site where “true believers” and Reagan Republicans come to blog and share information. Some have called it a rabid den full of conservative loonies, not me, but guess who? Before going any further, if anyone wants to jump ugly about either PUMA’s or Freepers, don’t. This is not meant to be disparaging of either group!

I, on the other hand, found it to be a place that welcomed me, a fierce moderate (something I share with Benjamin Franklin), a Hillary supporter, and a one time Democrat. Point of fact, they found me before I found them. I’d never heard of them and probably would have never sought this group out on my own. So how did the relationship happen?

When reviewing the blog stats for this site, I continued to see numerous hits from the Free Republic site. Hmmm . . . who were these people? Freepers were reading what I had to say on a daily basis. After visiting their site and with a little trepidation, I joined the group because I found I agreed with most (not all) of their positions. (Candidly, I’m always a little suspicious of people that claim to hold every position I hold. That’s not possible and anyone who claims to hold identical thoughts with you all the time is either lying to themselves or lying to you.)

Yes, I joined a group with the dreaded “C” word . . . no not that “C” word you fool . . . Conservatives. What I found were smart, savvy, to the point, and in your face people who dislike the direction our country has taken, as much as the PUMA’s do. Yes, I am a PUMA and proud of it.

So, what could be the problem since both groups that I associate with share a love of country, a belief that the Constitution is of paramount importance . . . that it is the life blood of this country and that our country’s continued greatness is dependent upon adherence to the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the documents that form our most perfect Union.

The only thing I can figure out is I have second blog that has a very tiny following. It is called Say No to Plastic which I will get back to in a minute. It couldn’t have been my last post at Hillary and me, which focused on an update on Obama’s abilities to declare martial law. SO, I’m guessing this is the reason because I really don’t know. I immediately sent an email to the site administrator asking what I had done that caused the equivalent of my being guillotined in France. The response I received was:

{{Sound of crickets}} Bueller? Bueller? Hello . . . is anyone there?

Yup, no response from the administrator of a group that should represent respectful freedom of speech and thought . . . one would think anyway. Not a word …. Zippo, zero, zilch, nada.

Tomorrow, more in Part II.

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WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH ANDREW SULLIVAN? What is his problem with Sarah Palin? I don’t get it. The Log Cabin Republicans have thrown their support to her. He is a long time member of the group, is he not?

One would think he’d be in support of her candidacy and of her choice for Vice President by John McCain. One of Palin’s first acts as Governor of Alaska was to veto a bill that would have denied gay couples the same benefits as are paid to married heterosexual couples in Alaska. Regardless of her personal feelings (is being gay a choice?) she did the right thing for the right reasons. Public policy was adhered to according to the law. Isn’t that what we want in this country?

Instead, he’s part of the Palin disinformation squad in the media. Witness his September 29th post at The Atlantic.com entitled The Lies and Lies of Sarah Palin. Say what? The article is so nitpicky and silly, one would have thought it had been generated by the Obama nutroots, the Kool-Aid Kids. Here are a few examples:

  • Sarah Palin didn’t sell the governor’s jet on eBay. He’s splitting hairs here. The plane was on eBay, but didn’t sell and was taken off the site. A private investor was found and the Alaskan taxpayers recouped most of the money expended in the original purchase.
  • Palin has talked (eloquently, in MHO) about one of her best friends who happens to be gay. Sullivan says he couldn’t find any of her gay friends, so therefore they don’t exist. Hard to imagine where & how he looked. I guess he expected that people in Alaska run around with labels on their foreheads with words that say, “I’m one of Sarah’s gay friends!” IDIOT!
  • According to Sullivan, Palin’s teleprompter didn’t fail at the GOP Convention. Hey, all I know is the MSM media reported this, as did FOX. Other than Sullivan no one has disputed she had teleprompter problems in the middle of her speech.

Sarah Palin does bring on extreme reactions from old school 70’s feminists and the crazies on lunatic left who are afraid the right to abortions will cease. What is important here is that Palin continues to demonstrate she doesn’t let her personal feelings interfere with public policy.

She may be opposed to abortion on demand, but she supports the use of condoms and the teaching of abstinence only policy in conjunction with other information. Sounds like a pragmatic approach to me.

Ah, but I digress. The question remains, what’s Sullivan’s problem. All I know is when I heard him on Bill Maher’s show two weeks ago deconstructing Palin, I thought he and Maher must have been “doing lines” of Kool-Aid before the show.

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Has Obama ever put his country ahead of his ambitions?

Obama may be the slimiest, self absorbed politician I have ever witnessed. McCain issues a statement suspending his campaign so he can be in Washington to work on the most pressing financial issue facing this country since the 1929.

John McCain has temporarily suspended his presidential campaign in order to deal with the economic crisis and believes that the economic health, stability, and future of the country is more important than Friday’s debate.

And Obama? Well he certainly can give a speech about the problem, but roll up his sleeves and actually go to work? Guess not.

I for one think the debate can be put postponed. It isn’t like there isn’t time to reschedule the debate.

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The postmortem on how Obama & the Democratic Party lost the November ’08 election is being written 56 days before election day on November 4, 2008.

You can say you read it hear first, the same way moments after McCain picked Sarah Palin for the VP spot, I pointed out it was a brilliant choice.

Obama has lost, you know. You can’t have a 20% swing in the woman’s vote in less than 10 days, with virtually every tracking poll giving McCain the lead and think there was ever a chance.

Hear that hysterical chorus in the background? That’s the sound of the Obamabots, the elitists, the chardonnay sipping, arrugula chomping, supercilious, sanctimonious fools who really believed that “winning by any means” meant winning by tossing out all that the Democratic Party stood for . . . including 18,000,000 of its voters.

It’s not simply that McCain’s addition of Palin to the GOP ticket became a game changer like no other in recent political history. It’s that Obama and his team, and the DNC, together with the MSM (and in particular MSNBC), treated most of the voting public with disdain and derision.

One need only look to their campaign of “toughness against the McCain campaign” and ask what groups of voters didn’t they piss off in the process?

Apparently no one on the Obama side ever heard of the “effect of causal reaction” or understood that attack ads should be focused on the candidates and not tied to habits of potential voters. For example when Obama ran his campaign ads against McCain saying he was too old and technologically inept to vote for, boomers across America said, “stuff it smart ass” on their blogs and in endless messages across the Internet.

The Obama people turned off women, white collar and blue collar workers, working moms, small business owners, gun owners “bitterly” clinging onto their religion and weapons, people over 50, independents, long time Democratic voters, people in small towns, Hillary supporters, pro-life supporters, the majority of the country that wants to drill for oil . . . the list is endless!

The truth is, once the McCain machine really got into gear, Obama’s campaign always looked like St. Mary’s JV squad against the New England Patriots. Let’s see, the voters choices were Obama ( with no experience) and his running mate, (open mouth insert foot) Biden or the maverick McCain paired with the maverick Palin. Hands down, the change team was the GOP’s not the Dem’s as soon as Palin joined McCain.

Rather than compete by legitimately discussing issues and legitimately comparing records the Obama camp and its PR firm MSNBC, decided that personally picking apart the 17 year daughter of Sarah Palin, trying to paint Governor Palin as a conservative far to the right of Bush, and trying to make the McCain/Palin ticket a third Bush term was a better tactic. IT WAS ALWAYS A LOSING TACTIC! McCain’s style of politics have never been like Bush’s . . . and saying in over and over doesn’t make it so!

In fact, every time the media in its many forms including NY Times columnists Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, Sally Quinn from the Post, Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Jack Cafferty, Wolf Blizter, Campbell Brown etc. etc. etc poked a stick at her family, distorted her record, and hurled a false accusation at Palin another voter left the Dem’s to vote with the GOP.

History will record that when the Democratic Party lost the 2008 election, the eighth loss in ten elections, the loss wasn’t because of Obama’s race. It was because of the hubris and lack of humility of the Dean/Brazille/Pelosi/ Reid neo-con Democrats, The Daily KO’s, HufPo, & many others including the trolling Obamabots.

History will record that never have so few listened to the voices of so many and disregarded them . . . throwing those voices and their votes into the garbage heap and then acted surprised when they lost, AGAIN!

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I wrote about this in August. Obama pays his female staffers less money than he pays the men on his staff. See More Red Meat for PUMA’s

Finally, more of the media is taking notice. This detailed article is from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. In part it reads:

Based on these calculations, Obama’s 28 male staffers divided among themselves total payroll expenditures of $1,523,120. Thus, Obama’s average male employee earned $54,397.

Obama’s 30 female employees split $1,354,580 among themselves, or $45,152, on average. …

Again, on average, Obama’s female staffers earn just 83 cents for every dollar his male staffers make. This figure certainly exceeds the 77-cent threshold that Obama’s campaign website condemns. However, 83 cents do not equal $1. In spite of this 17-cent gap between Obama’s rhetoric and reality, he chose to chide GOP presidential contender John McCain on this issue.

Now compare this with the McCain campaign staff:

McCain’s 17 male staffers split $916,914, thus averaging $53,936. His 25 female employees divided $1,396,958 and averaged $55,878.

On average, according to these data, women in John McCain’s office make $1.04 for every dollar a man makes. In fact, all other things being equal, a typical female staffer could earn 21 cents more per dollar paid to her male counterpart — while adding $10,726 to her annual income — by leaving Barack Obama’s office and going to work for John McCain.

I want someone to tell again how the McCain/Palin ticket doesn’t represent the interests of women!

The following updated information was found over at Flopping Aces and reinforces Obama continued record of unequal pay for equal work.

Volume 1, #36
September 15, 2008

Obama has never gone out of his way to relate to women. Only seven of his top twenty Senate staff positions are filled by women (McCain has thirteen of twenty) and women on Obama’s staff earn 83 cents for each dollar his male staffers are paid. (McCain pays his female staffers $1.04 for each dollar he pays to his men).

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If you read this blog on a regular basis you know I am a political moderate, Hillary & Bill supporter, past Democrat now independent and a PUMA and proud of it.

I’m one of those white, college educated women so (newly) prized by the Donna Brazille, Howard Dean, Obama team … I’m one of the women who saw Hillary decimated by the new dirty Democratic Party who threw off the yoke of their stupidity and insane desire to win regardless of the cost of integrity, decency, and honor.

So, why quote Ann Coulter? She’s never been a friend of the Clinton’s (understatement!) or democrats or moderates, for that matter. It always seemed to me her position on everything was rigid and neo-con or else!

My opinion of her started to change last year when she along with a long list of conservatives, including FOX News defended Don Imus. Then in March, when the MSM was dumping on Hillary, Coulter was using terms like “our plucky girl Hillary” and it was clear even if she didn’t support Hillary’s politics she was in support for fair and decent treatment . . . neither of which Hillary received from most of the MSM and her own party.

Which brings me to today and a recent column of Coulter’s on John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin. There’s a deliciously snarky comment about the idiot Olbermann, Chris (who me a misogynist?) Matthews, and MSNBC. Please read it, it’s good stuff!

As for Michelle Malkin, who’d of thunk it? Hot Air, a Malkin site, is on my blogroll! On any given day, people like myself are sure to find a few points they agree with in her posts.

Who knows if I’ll still feel this way after John McCain and Sarah Palin are elected in November, but for now this seems like a good truce!

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